Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Here’s what BAKG members are saying about the fun of being a member of our guild.

I’ve been a guild member for almost a year and am so appreciative of the programs, services and meeting so many awesome crafters and professionals in the industry, which was my goal. Many thanks to everyone who make all of this a great experience! – Regina

I have enjoyed the many ways BAKG fosters my continuing education as a knitter. Whatever the format, from mini-workshops and KALs to fabulous classes by excellent teachers, the guild has been my go-to resource for learning new tips and techniques.  – Victoria 

BAKG  is an excellent organization that welcomes all levels of knitters, and even crocheters, and is greatly enhanced by a board who works tirelessly and who deeply cares about all of its members! – Arlene

Since joining I have been inspired to knit with beads,knit lacy shawls, and try stuff I would have never attempted before in knitting. – Ellen

I’m so thankful for the way BAKG has expanded my knitting world – from learning about new techniques and fibers to meeting wonderful people who share my “knitting addiction.” BAKG has really made me feel like I’m very much a part of the greater knitting community. – Karen

I do remember why I joined and why I am still here over five years later. The women that I met are just a pleasure to talk to, always helpful with a knitting question and extremely creative with new pattern ideas or places to find great yarn. I love the ‘Yarn Snobs’ who share their great yarn finds and the Knit Along (KAL) projects that are constantly on going.” Sometimes once a month is not enough so I make plans to see my knitting pals near home. – Arlene

Sometimes, the benefits of guild membership can be summed up in one word:

Breakthrough!!!!! 🙂 – Charmaine

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