The Big Apple Knitters Guild hosts weekend workshops with superb knitting instructors several times each year.  Don’t miss out—visit this page for the latest information on upcoming workshops.

Next Scheduled Workshops:

Saori Zen Weaving Workshop
with Yukako Satone

Sunday, February 23, 2020
1-4 PM
Loop of the Loom DUMBO
197 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


SAORI is a free form of weaving that was developed by Misao Jo in Japan, based on Zen teaching. Fifty years ago Misao was seeking a new hobby for her retirement life. She began to weave and found great beauty in the imperfections of her first weaving. She named this philosophy SAORI. In the Japanese Zen vocabulary, SAORI is the combination of the words ‘SAI’ and ‘ORI’, ‘SAI’ meaning everything has its own individual dignity, and ‘ORI’ meaning weaving.

Yukako has brought this method from Japan and established her own SAORI studio, Loop of the Loom. Yukako’s studio embodies the traditional Zen point of view, to admire the “beauty with lack of intentions,” as found in nature.

Yukako has been a certified instructor of SAORI weaving and a member of the SAORI Leaders Committee since 2005. After studying in Japan and practicing SAORI weaving, Yukako founded Loop of the Loom in 2005 and then went on to found the nonprofit organization SAORI Arts NYC in 2015. She has been guiding thousands of beginners and apprentices from all over the world, including the UK, Israel, Haiti, Chile, Australia, and Senegal.

This workshop is limited to 14 students, so register early! Further details about the workshops, along with a registration form, are available here.

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