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Membership Expiration Date: 12/31/2022

Welcome to the Big Apple Knitters Guild. Dues are $45 paid annually and include communications from BAKG in electronic format, sent by email. $45 dues can be paid on the BAKG website, by US mail, or in person at a general meeting.
As of February 9, 2019, new members who do not provide an email address and who wish to receive hard copies of BAKG communications are assessed a $10 surcharge annually to partially offset the cost of printing and postage. Total payment of $55 must be made in person at a general meeting, or by US mail. If you are a new member, in addition to indicating your method of payment, please check the appropriate new member box below. (If this is a renewal, after inserting your name, please update any information that has changed since you joined or last renewed your membership.)

    BAKG does not make its mailing list available to vendors or nonmembers.
    BAKG general meetings and events are photographed. By your presence at these events, you consent to the photography and use of your image in print and social media.
  • Click the “Submit” button above. Otherwise mail a print out of this form (completed) along with your check or money order for $45 (or $55 for new members not providing an email address, who wish to receive hard copies of BAKG communications), made payable to Big Apple Knitters Guild, to the following address:
  • Kathleen Dalton, Big Apple Knitters Guild, Inc., 41 West 96th Street, #3-A New York, NY 10025

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