January 2022 Meeting Annoucement


Saturday, January 15, 1–4 PM

Please begin check-in at 12:30 PM

GUEST SPEAKER: Sarah Solomon, Director of Knitwear Designer, Harrisville Designs, Inc.

Sarah Solomon is a NYC-based knitwear designer, writer, and teacher. She started knitting as an adult, fueled by a passion to knit sweaters. Sarah brings a love of details and fine finishing to her designs and enjoys creating and teaching techniques that are simple to master but yield beautiful, long-lasting results. Her interests range from hand knitting to re-imagining ready-to-wear and machine-knit details for hand knitters. Her patterns and articles appear in prominent knitting publications and in collections by yarn companies. She worked on the editorial team of Vogue Knitting and teaches at shops and events nationwide. Sarah joined Harrisville Designs, Inc. in 2021 and creates garments and accessories that are knittable, wearable, and enduring.

PRESENTATION: Exploring a Handknit Designer’s Success

Sarah will share her progression from a background in woven construction and dressmaking to knitwear designer, and tell us about Harrisville Designs (HD) past to present. HD, family owned and operated for 50 years, produces yarn in one of the best-preserved early-industrial villages in the nation. Sarah will impart the history of the mill, give a glimpse of its modern operations, and display the range of yarns that make up HD’s 64-color palette, from heirloom-quality Highland and Shetland lines, to their newest and most contemporary-looking yarns, Daylights and Nightshades, made with American-raised Cormo wool. For the educational portion of the program, we look behind the scenes at the making of HD’s latest pattern collection, Day for Night, to see what it takes to get a finished pattern into knitters’ hands: starting with skeins of yarn, to patterns with charts and schematics, to finished garments, culminating with photography for the final pattern.

To participate in Show and Tell at the December meeting, upload a photo of your project using the on-line Show and Tell form by January 13, 2022. When you click SUBMIT the form will be sent to our Zoom producer, Debbie Cacchione. The first 15 members to submit the form (determined by email timestamps) will show their projects at the meeting.


Following the program, join others interested in knitting items to donate to charity in the Charity Knitting Breakout Room, hosted by BAKG Charity Chair Halyna Levytska. Knitters working on any charity project are welcome.

NOTE: Access to the Charity Knitting Breakout Room will be annouced during the meeting. For those who wish to knit with others, but are not working on a charity project, Group Open Knitting will also take place during the remainder of our time together in the general meeting room.


Following the meeting, BAKG member Debby Scheinholtz will host a separate 45-minute Zoom session to help beginners get started or assist knitters who have encountered an issue with their projects. To reserve a spot, email susan.leibowitz@gmail.com by January 13, 2021, with the following: the issue; clear close-up photos of the work (include right and wrong sides) and the pattern; and the designer’s name. Session limited to the first five registrants. Debby will send confirmation and provide a link to the session.

NOTE: If you solve your issue prior to the Help Session, please cancel your reservation to allow another member to participate.

NOTE: BAKG general meetings, workshops, or other BAKG-sponsored events, whether in person or virtual, may be photographed and or recorded by audio and/or video. By your in-person or virtual participation at these meetings, you consent to the photography and/or recording and to the use of your image and/or recording in print and social media.

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