Previous 2022 and 2021 Meetings

The Big Apple Knitters Guild meets on the second Saturday of every month.

January 15: Sarah Solomon – Head of Knitwear Design, Harrisville Designs Inc.

Here are the meetings that were already held in 2021 (over Zoom):

Tuesday, January 12: Shira Blumenthal, Ambassador, Lion Brand Yarns (6:00 – 8:00 PM)
February 13: Xandy Peters, Designer
March 13: Keith Leonard, Yarn Dyer and Instructor
April 10: Jim Cox, Designer and Instructor
May 8: Alasdair Post-Quinn, Designer and Author
June 12: Norah Gaughan—Editor in Chief, Vogue Knitting
September 11: Shirley Paden, Knitwear Designer and Author
October 9: Nicky Epstein, Designer, Author and Instructor 
November 13: Tabbethia Habould, Owner and breeder
December 11: Anya Cole (Seventh Avenue Handknit Designer, Hania New York

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